Thailand 2016


So many things to see and do in Thailand it's always difficult to find a great place to start, so let's explore a few options.

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Food Extraordinaire:

More choices in food than you could ever imagine. Street food, cart food, restaurant food, hotel food, festival food, all the way up to some of the more elegant restaurants in the word. The choices are many and as the very common Thai saying goes.. "up to you".


Thailand is such a beautiful country and perhaps the beauty alone is what attracts the millions of tourists each year. But there is so much more to explore about Thailand other than the beauty of the countryside alone, so I will try to do a little of that here. Not that I am an expert, nor derive any income from the travel industry, but as a person that has come to love Thailand and especially the wonderful Thai people who make this kingdom a true paradise.

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Sanuk Defined:

The Thai word sanuk means fun. In Thailand anything worth doing, even work, has an element of 'sanuk', otherwise it becomes drudgery. Thai's approach all tasks with a sense of playfulness, including work. It's not that they are not serious about their work, as most display a great passion for work and also their chosen profession. But sanuk means fun, Thai's turn tasks that most people would dread doing into enjoyable experiences. It's engrained into the Thai lifestyle. The "Land Of Smiles" is famous for the Thai smile. Really though the Thai smiles are always there and genuine, mainly because of the Thai's desire to make 'sanuk' in everything.

Why Thailand:

If I heard it once, I heard it a 100 times from friends.. "What are you doing in Thailand". Truth is I have always been an explorer. From nearing my tenth birthday falling into a huge well hidden oil pit owned by the old Santa Fe Railway, to visiting foreign lands whenever the opportunity presented itself throughout my lifetime. Family and friends cautioning me with conversations such as perhaps better not do this as your traveling into the unknown and there could be serious problems, or worse yet kidnappings... Life is a beach, perfectly designed to explore without limitations. So find your beach and explore away.

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